Last month, Forever Young Gym became the first health and fitness center to open in Morazán. Located across from the central park, the gym hopes to play a significant role in the health of the Morazán Community.  Like most gyms, Forever Young contains a wide array of equipment to cater to its members’ various levelsRead More »
Cherry plant
Anthony Lopez has brought convenience and efficiency to daily chores with the launch of Aromas de Aquí Lavanderia, his trailblazing laundry service in the community. Understanding the busy lifestyles of his neighbors, Anthony has ingeniously combined traditional laundry services with the modern convenience of home delivery. At the heart of Anthony’s vision is a commitmentRead More »
The residents of Ciudad Morazán are excited to have a new café recently opened in a prime location in front of the central park! It’s a terrific spot for people to meet for small gatherings or larger groups that can expand to picnic tables in the park. The café’s owner, Ursula Alejandra Frederick Soto, recentlyRead More »
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