I was excited to watch the first house being built in Ciudad Morazán. I knew it would be unlike any place I had seen before. I had read about the innovative technology that would make it weather-proof, sound-proof, and even earthquake-proof. I knew it would start with lightweight panels of expanded polystyrene and galvanized steelRead More »
Rosa Amanda Aguilar has a long history with the land that is the ZEDE (Zone of Employment and Economic Development) Ciudad Morazán. For many years, she lived a few hundred meters from the spot where she is growing her business. This land has always been agricultural land. Nine years ago, Rosa lived on the farmRead More »
The single most important public service that the ZEDE Ciudad Morazán offers its tenants is a secure environment to live, work, and play. In a region known for its high crime rate and expensive gated communities, a new city built for blue-collar Honduran workers must get the security right. Ciudad Morazán started with a wallRead More »