Despite the political uncertainty surrounding the fate of ZEDEs, Hondurans still see Morazán as an opportunity to better their lives. That’s why residents continue to move in and businesses continue to form. This article is about an example of a recently started enterprise, Tienda Juliette. Tienda Juliette (TJ) is a family-run pulpería or minimarket. TheRead More »
With dozens of residential units and four commercial warehouses, Community Artists is the biggest landlord in Ciudad Morazán and interacts with almost every resident and business in Morazán in some capacity. During these interactions, it has received a number of requests from residents about alternative payment methods that are cheaper than the ~$1.5 fee thatRead More »
ACH Bank transfers in Honduras cost around 35 to 40 Honduran Lempira, which is roughly $1.5 in US dollars. For context, this is equal to more than 50% of the country’s minimum wage, more than 1% of the cost of rent in Ciudad Morazán and can be as much as 60% of a utility bill.Read More »
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