The residents of Ciudad Morazán are excited to have a new café recently opened in a prime location in front of the central park! It’s a terrific spot for people to meet for small gatherings or larger groups that can expand to picnic tables in the park. The café’s owner, Ursula Alejandra Frederick Soto, recentlyRead More »
Ciudad Morazán celebrated both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on Sunday, June 4. Father’s Day was March 19, and Mother’s Day was the second Sunday of May, May 14 this year. Since Mother’s Day is generally more celebrated than Father’s Day in Honduras, it was natural to combine the two. Helen Quintanilla, the proprietor ofRead More »
Morazán, a ZEDE nestled in the outskirt of Choloma, initially imagined that its first residents would be employees of the factories and other companies of the zone. But thanks to the new government’s hostility to ZEDEs, all the large companies that intended to set up shop in Morazán canceled or paused their plans. Their loss hasRead More »
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