Have you ever wondered what Halloween looks like in a private city? If so, you’re in luck! This week’s #MorazanMonday, a weekly series about Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City, will show how we celebrate Halloween in the world’s #1 private city. Let’s get spooky! Those of you who are regular followers will not be surprisedRead More »
Check out the latest Morazán Monday, a weekly series about Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City. This week we explore the first Morazán community-organized beach trip! Despite living less than an hour away, many of the kids and even some of the adults had never gone to the beach. Learning this reminded me of how luckyRead More »
Ciudad Morazán was well represented at the Free Cities Foundation’s Liberty in Our Lifetime Conference in Prague, which took place on October 14th and 15th. The Liberty in Our Lifetime event is the premier conference in the free cities industry. So many great projects were in attendance, including the world’s #1 private city, Ciudad MorazánRead More »
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