In Honduras, and Choloma in particular, finding a safe and affordable community to live in can be a challenge. As a result, Ciudad Morazán, a provider of one of the safest and most affordable housing options in Honduras, expected to fill up very quickly, despite the challenges of the current anti-ZEDE sentiment.  Unfortunately, Ciudad MorazánRead More »
Tacos are good. Tacos and Carlos Fortín are better! Last Friday, Carlos Fortín, Morazán’s Technical Secretary, visited the community and hosted taco night in Ciudad Morazán. He met with the residents and spoke about Ciudad Morazán, his role in the city, and his openness to feedback and suggestions. Like Massimo Mazzone, Carlos Fortín is aRead More »
On April 13, 2023, Morazán’s developer Massimo Mazzone visited the community and held a Meet-and-Greet Barbecue to meet residents and give them an opportunity to make suggestions and ask questions. Like any proper Honduran barbecue, there was cerveza, carne, and cancion. After everyone had filled their bellies and cups, Massimo gave an informal talk. InRead More »
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