A New Type of Community

Ciudad Morazán is a new type of community. It not only includes industrial space for factories. It also offers houses and apartments for individuals and all the services needed to live a satisfying life, from security guards to parks, supermarkets, churches, and schools.

Entrepreneurship is encouraged so that residents can make a living serving their neighbors. The development of the community is flexible enough to grow in response to the desires of the residents.

Plenty of public spaces help inhabitants get to know each other in a free and natural way. 


Freedom to Enjoy Life

The paramount objective of the community is to free its residents from fear. Fear of going out after dark and being assaulted. Fear to leave the kids to roam around alone on bicycles because someone may run over them or take them in a gang. Fear of opening a small business because of extortion. Fear of hurricanes or earthquakes that could destroy savings of a lifetime or lives themselves.

Ciudad Morazán offers freedom from fear because it is a private venture created to earn money. The developer has to provide its clients the best possible environment, or it can’t rent the spaces of the community. The developer will not keep on its payroll corrupt or ill-mannered security guards. It will not rent accommodations to criminals. The houses are built to last and are resistant to natural events.

Harmonious Coexistence

The opportunity to rent and live in Ciudad Morazán will be given to any Honduran citizen or foreigner legally resident in the country. However, living in Ciudad Morazán is also a responsibility towards other members of the community.

Residents who engage in criminal activities will be swiftly turned over to police authorities. People who do not follow the rules of coexistence or are a nuisance to their fellow residents will be denied rent renewal.

The rules will be strictly enforced because it is the only way to guarantee everybody the best possible place to develop as responsible, happy, and fulfilled individuals.

Housing Options

Ciudad Morazán will house around 10,000 people when it is completed.

We currently have 60m2  townhouses available for rent. The monthly rent is 3,500 lempiras ($141). 

64 25m2 – 35m2 modern apartments with full kitchen and bathroom, starting from 2,000.00 Lempiras (~ $80) per month are next on our construction plans.

The prices include all public services such as security and maintenance.

If you want to know more, please contact us.