eCash is a fork of Bitcoin Cash created by Amaury Séchet with the goal of fulfilling the Bitcoin Whitepaper’s vision of peer-to-peer electronic cash. Its roadmap includes scaling the blockchain to handle five million transactions per second on-chain by using both Nakamoto and Avalanche consensus protocols, providing instant and secure transactions within 3 seconds, andRead More »
The goal of Ciudad Morazán is to unleash the potential of Honduras. And unleashing suggests that there is a leash. So what is the leash keeping Honduras from being the greatest country in America? The average Honduran might say that it is employment opportunities. And this is why Ciudad Morazán helped create a Zone forRead More »
When I was growing up in the United States, the image of “police” was a friendly man walking the streets, ready to protect and serve all the inhabitants. Now the picture in the US is cars with militarized people whom even the most law-abiding citizens should beware of. “Officer, was I speeding?” In fact, courtsRead More »
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