Ciudad Morazán recently came alive with the laughter and joy of its youngest residents as the community celebrated Children’s Day, a day dedicated to the innocence and wonder of childhood. This celebration was not just a day of fun and games; it was a heartwarming display of the community’s commitment to cherishing and nurturing itsRead More »
This post is taken from the thread on Twitter. https://twitter.com/AlexUgorji_/status/1697560979754602584 Like many in the Choloma area, this week’s storm devastated Ciudad Morazán. In fact, it caused the longest power outage in the city’s history! Here’s a quick thread on what happened. 1/9 The worst damage was the result of a HUGE tree branch that fellRead More »
In Ciudad Morazán, a new dawn of sustainable energy is breaking with the launch of Falk’s solar power company. This venture represents hope and innovation in a community plagued by energy challenges. Falk’s initiative is kicking off with the installation of solar panels atop the community townhouses, symbolizing a significant stride towards energy independence. TheRead More »
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