Have you ever wondered what Halloween looks like in a private city? If so, you’re in luck! This week’s #MorazanMonday, a weekly series about Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City, will show how we celebrate Halloween in the world’s #1 private city. Let’s get spooky!

Those of you who are regular followers will not be surprised to learn that the residents hosted a Halloween contest. To prevent intergenerational conflict, they decided to have an adult and kids version of the competition.

My favorite entries are below:

Bootstrap City / Morazán has the cutest babies and the baddest bunnies.

And the best pumpkins!

Her baby is due next month.

But even more enjoyable than the costume contest was watching the kids (and adults) go trick or treating.

Due to safety and poverty, most kids in Choloma never get to experience the joys of Halloween. Morazán is proof that private governance can transform lives. Just ask the kids trick or treating for the 1st time in their lives!

I call Morazán the #1 private city for a reason.


No wonder multiple residents choose to dress up as police.

With its great Halloween costumes, candy, and cops, Bootstrap City / Morazán makes me want to be a kid again!