Last month, Forever Young Gym became the first health and fitness center to open in Morazán. Located across from the central park, the gym hopes to play a significant role in the health of the Morazán Community. 

Like most gyms, Forever Young contains a wide array of equipment to cater to its members’ various levels and interests. There are cardio machines for getting hearts pumping, yoga mats and resistance bands for stretching, and a weight machine and free weights for resistance training.

Unlike other gyms, Forever Young Gym is completely unmanned. This may sound revolutionary; there is probably not another independent gym in Honduras without a single employee. 

Many were concerned that Forever Young’s unmanned model would fail. Concerns varied from damaged equipment to people sneaking in. But Forever Young Gym believes in Morazán’s high-trust environment. And so far so good!

Forever Young Gym is pleased with Ciudad Morazán for providing affordable rent, a stable regulatory environment, and great respectable customers. It looks forward to adding more equipment as the city expands!