When I was growing up in the United States, the image of “police” was a friendly man walking the streets, ready to protect and serve all the inhabitants. Now the picture in the US is cars with militarized people whom even the most law-abiding citizens should beware of. “Officer, was I speeding?” In fact, courtsRead More »
A lot has happened since I wrote about Rosa Aguilar and her small business as the first commercial tenant of Ciudad Morazán last year. She had a short-term contract to rent her space under a tree while she waited for the first houses to be built and the first residents to move in. She hadRead More »
I was excited to watch the first house being built in Ciudad Morazán. I knew it would be unlike any place I had seen before. I had read about the innovative technology that would make it weather-proof, sound-proof, and even earthquake-proof. I knew it would start with lightweight panels of expanded polystyrene and galvanized steelRead More »
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