Check out the latest Morazán Monday, a weekly series about Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City. This week we explore the first Morazán community-organized beach trip!

Despite living less than an hour away, many of the kids and even some of the adults had never gone to the beach. Learning this reminded me of how lucky I am and how important it is for places like Morazán to exist so that they can create opportunities for others to flourish too!

Background: October is one of the big holiday months in Honduras. Residents thought it would be fun to organize a trip together someplace enjoyable. But where to go? As is often the case, residents used a telegram poll to decide on a destination.

The destination they chose? None other than Copan in western Honduras, not far from the border with Guatemala. Copan is famous for its Mayan ruins and beautiful scenery.

But, once the trip planning began, it quickly became clear that Copan’s distance and popularity meant going there on a holiday weekend would be too expensive. Luckily a few members of the Morazán community decided to solve the problem by planning an alternative beach trip.

Although Morazán is not a beach city, there are beaches less than one hour away such as Puerto Cortes. Therefore, a beach trip would be a much more affordable and accessible vacation for the Morazán community. They found that for less than $200 a bus could be chartered for 60 people for a day– around $3 per person.

They used another Telegram poll to confirm demand, a Google forum was created for people to sign up, and a sponsor was found to lower the ticket price to $2 per person!

Although the bus left a little behind schedule, it was able to get everyone safely to the beach.

At the beach, everyone had a great time relaxing and enjoying themselves in nature, especially the kids!