The goal of Ciudad Morazán is to unleash the potential of Honduras.

And unleashing suggests that there is a leash. So what is the leash keeping Honduras from being the greatest country in America?

The average Honduran might say that it is employment opportunities. And this is why Ciudad Morazán helped create a Zone for employment. And not just anywhere, but in Choloma, where the people need it most.

What does this mean? It means that the simplified rules in the Zone make it easier for manufacturers to bring the much-wanted jobs to hard-working Hondurans.

In addition, the minimum wage is higher in Ciudad Morazán than in the rest of Honduras. More money goes into the pocket of those who earned it and deserve it. Instead of regulators dictating economic activity, the Honduran people determine how they trade with each other.

With all this opportunity, it attracts more people, more investments, more jobs, and supercharges the life of the area!

All we need are the conditions that allow Hondurans to freely be Hondurans and unleash their potential.

See this article for more details on how Ciudad Morazán uses its ZEDE status to benefit Hondurans.