Tacos are good. Tacos and Carlos Fortín are better!

Last Friday, Carlos Fortín, Morazán’s Technical Secretary, visited the community and hosted taco night in Ciudad Morazán. He met with the residents and spoke about Ciudad Morazán, his role in the city, and his openness to feedback and suggestions.

Invitation to taco party

Like Massimo Mazzone, Carlos Fortín is a humble man. Many residents had no idea that Mr. Fortín was a Ciudad Morazán government official, despite him being the highest-ranking government official in the city. Nonetheless, they were happy to meet him and very appreciative of the safe and affordable community he is helping build.

lining up for tacos

As for Carlos Fortín, he was very excited to see how much the community has grown so far this year. Based on the current growth rate, Morazán will fill its existing housing supply within a few months!

With population growth like this, it’s only a matter of time before a taqueria opens up. After which, Morazán can have Tacos, and hopefully Carlos Fortin, every week!