April 13, 2023 flyer

On April 13, 2023, Morazán’s developer Massimo Mazzone visited the community and held a Meet-and-Greet Barbecue to meet residents and give them an opportunity to make suggestions and ask questions.

Mariana and Jessica

Like any proper Honduran barbecue, there was cerveza, carne, and cancion.

After everyone had filled their bellies and cups, Massimo gave an informal talk. In his talk, he introduced himself and articulated his vision for the community: a middle-income city of 15,000. Planned features included a reliable, independent power grid, drinkable tap water, a sports stadium, a supermarket, and all the other amenities of a middle-income city. He believed so much in Ciudad Morazán that he planned to move his family there, send his kids to the local schools, and set up additional businesses there.

Unfortunately, the political situation put all this on hold. Given the uncertainty around ZEDEs, he and the businesses planning to bring 1000 jobs to Ciudad Morazán had to pause their plans indefinitely. Nonetheless, he is happy that he has provided almost 4000m2 of residential housing space and another 4000m2 of commercial space to the people of Choloma. So, despite losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year due to political uncertainty, he will continue to fund and support the community with the hope that one day he will be able to continue building his dream, Ciudad Morazán.