This post is based on the second X/Twitter thread that I wrote for the Morazán Monday weekly posts, which you can find here.

Welcome back to #MorazanMonday, a weekly series about Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City. This week we continue with my adventure hosting the first annual Mr. and Ms. Morazán competition!

Refresher: Last Monday I hosted a Mr./Ms. Morazán competition to celebrate both the people of Morazán and its namesake Francisco Morazán. At first, things were going well. The most loved man in the community easily won Mr. Morazán, and the Ms. Morazán votes were excitingly close.

Mr. Morazán and his daughter.

But in a misguided effort to promote an exciting runoff, I leveraged a design flaw in the competition that created a tie for Ms. Morazán. The community wasn’t happy with the lack of a clear winner, and rightly so. Ultimately, we decided the least bad solution was an anonymous Telegram run-off.

Surprisingly, the runoff was much more decisive than the original contest. 1st place got over 2/3rds of the votes!

Tough decisions like these make me understand the appeal of participation trophies. Sometimes every participant deserves recognition!

So I gave a speech in Spanish (or at least attempted to) recognizing the good works of the participants and thanking them for making this special day possible. I’m so happy that I was able to be able to be a part of it!

Mr. and Ms Morazán participants standing in central park for a picture

Also, I’m already excited for next year’s Mr. and Ms. Morazán contest. It’s going to be even better We’re going to have more entrants, more cake, and most importantly more fun!