Ciudad Morazán was well represented at the Free Cities Foundation’s Liberty in Our Lifetime Conference in Prague, which took place on October 14th and 15th. The Liberty in Our Lifetime event is the premier conference in the free cities industry. So many great projects were in attendance, including the world’s #1 private city, Ciudad Morazán / Bootstrap City.

Morazan’s Massimo Mazzone was invited to give a keynote speech on Growing Despite Political Uncertainty! In his talk, Massimo outlined the vision for Morazán, its success to date, and the challenges it faces under the new hostile administration.

However, Massimo was not the only one from Morazán to give a speech. Thanks largely to his high-energy Morazán tweets, Alex Ugorji, an experienced entrepreneur living in Ciudad Morazán, was invited to talk about the pros and cons of doing business in a free city.


Alex highlighted the zone’s high level of economic freedom, a friendly approach towards crypto, and low taxes as advantages. He was also on a panel with Jeremy Kauffman from the Free State Project and Gabriel Delgado from Prospera. Both projects are very interesting and worth checking out as well!

Lastly, Massimo hosted the very first Morazán meet-up in Prague! More than a dozen people attended, and almost half of the attendees had already visited Morazán.


We look forward to an even bigger conference and Morazán meet-up next year! Consider a visit–both to Morazán and to Prague.