Morazán, a ZEDE nestled in the outskirt of Choloma, initially imagined that its first residents would be employees of the factories and other companies of the zone. But thanks to the new government’s hostility to ZEDEs, all the large companies that intended to set up shop in Morazán canceled or paused their plans. Their loss has been the families’ gain, as Ciudad Morazán has witnessed a recent influx of families choosing to settle down. 

One of the critical factors drawing families to Morazán is its exceptional quality of life. Away from Choloma’s chaos, dirtiness, and danger, this community offers a peaceful, clean, and safe atmosphere, perfect for raising children.

Another appealing aspect for families is the affordability of housing in Morazán. Compared to other gated communities, the cost of living in Morazán is very affordable, allowing families to find spacious and comfortable homes without straining their budget.

By choosing Morazán, families can perfectly balance quality of life and financial stability, providing a solid foundation for their future growth. 

As a result, its streets echo with the laughter and joy of children playing— a rare site in urban Honduras— and pregnant women. Almost ten babies have been born in Ciudad Morazán within the last year. If children are the future, then so is Morazán!