Ciudad Morazán celebrated both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on Sunday, June 4. Father’s Day was March 19, and Mother’s Day was the second Sunday of May, May 14 this year. Since Mother’s Day is generally more celebrated than Father’s Day in Honduras, it was natural to combine the two.

Helen Quintanilla, the proprietor of Tienda Juliette, hosted the event. She decided to celebrate the two holidays together because they had yet to be observed on the days when they occurred. Many new residents have moved in, and Helen wanted to bring the residents together to get to know each other.

As the community grows, new friendships are formed, and people start doing things together. For example, a small group of friends now enjoy walking around the neighborhood together at night.

Helen was able to serve food and soft drinks to everyone who attended because of a donation from a civic-minded neighbor who declined to be identified.

Helen bought a significant number of gifts to give out throughout the event. The prizes were drawn from a bowl of tiny slips of paper, including enough blanks to give everyone more than one chance to draw. Helen’s friend Anthoni Lopez, a long-time resident of Ciudad Morazán, volunteered to help her. Angel Amador, a new resident, accepted a prize from Anthoni.

The gathering started at 4:30 in the afternoon and continued until about 9 pm. People came and went over those hours, but there were as many as thirty attendees at one time. By the end of the evening, conversations gave way to dancing.

Helen and Anthoni were happy with the response to the event as they got to know their neighbors better. Thanks to all the attendees who made the event such a success!