Cities in Honduras tend to be heavy on concrete and light on greenery. Ciudad Morazán has worked hard to change this norm by placing a strong emphasis on creating green space.

The most prominent green space in Ciudad Morazán is Central Park. Its ancient trees, manicured lawns, beautiful walkway, and imported picnic tables have made Central Park a popular hangout spot for the residents of Morazán. The children love their playground. The park has also been used to host birthdays, picnics, and events— including the city’s year-end BBQ.

Another popular spot is Francisco Park, located next to Francisco de Vitoria Street, the main street through the neighborhood. The core appeal of this green space is the shade provided by the beautiful cotton trees. Like Central Park, Francisco Park is a popular spot to gather and hold events.

A third and perhaps the most important green space is Morazán’s soccer field. The soccer field is place where residents of all backgrounds can interact, play together, and exercise.

A green city is a happy one!